Thursday, September 17, 2009

I became the old cat lady!

I just don't know how it happened... Yesterday or atleast it seems just like yesterday I was twenty something. And now... 40, single and the owner of 3 cats.

I always would make jokes of becoming the old cat lady, I just really didn't think it would happen or happen to me atleast.

It happens to shut ins without friends who love cats, right?

That isn't me. Guilt... that is what it is. I go away on business and the guilt of leaving my teen at home in the care of family causes me to agree to a third, yes I did say 3rd cat.

Cats are ok, but I'm a dogless dog lover.

I guess when I get to the point of searching for a love my personal add must say "Must Love Cats!".

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Quick Easy Metric System Temp Conversion.

I hope this helps someone with temperature conversion.

Math Made Easier - Metric System

I've always had trouble remembering how to convert kilograms into pounds. Here's the steps to do the math, plus they have a direct link to just click on it and the math is done for you FREE!